Sunday, June 7, 2009

Laugh Out Loud~!!!

While i was surfing the net i found one interesting picture to be shared here. As i blogged before telling that let stevie G kiss the camera and we will kiss the trophy at the end of the season. hahahaha

Guess i am right now! :p

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Enjoying my Jolly-Day!!~

At last managed to complete my intern that went on for the past 2 months. What a hectic schedule that Couldnt even imagine again the whole thing.
Everything went on ok during the intern. And now im back in my hometown to enjoy my holiday!!Nothing much to do during my holiday. So bored staying in house and get wait to get back to college to have some fun with my buddies.haha
I think some interesting moment was MU won their 3rd premeirship titles. 3 in a row. And the sad moment was we failed to bring back the Champions League trophy. So end up with just Club World Cup, Carling Cup, and the latest one will be the BPL. It was pretty emotional feelings since at the start of the season, i taught the Red Devils will clean sweep all the trophies. Bt it is still ok because our trophy cabinet been quite packed

Present u the champions of Premeir League Season 2008/2009

Actually im quite blank since i dont have any idea on what to jot down here. Till meet u up soon with some interesting stories to be shared with.

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mike Check 1, 2!!!~

Haha...It was almost more than a month i last blogged. And today it feels so weird to blog again. I almost forget my password. Look how long I had never updated my

Alot of things happened around almost this one month. Im out for my practicum and been so buzy with that. Nothing much to comment on this since after all I still have to be a teacher soon!!! Eventhough it was full of a experience but it a was a nice journey i think. And its going to end in a week's time.

Guess what!!? Today is a Teacher's Day!!~ Btw there are no any celebration on here. Just me myself reflecting back on myself on how i felt in love with my teachers during my childhood days. One person i would like to acknowledge here is Mdm Pushpa. The lady i got to know her when i was at my kindergarten. She was the most adorable lady that i could say after my mum. She treat me and m friends like her own child during my kindergarten days. I couldnt even remember how much i like her very much. She used to hug us during the class and all the while i will be so happy to go to school. And you know what, I always wish that i could be like her. The way she teach, the way she treat us, and the way she is, i have always wanted to be in that way..haha

On this special day I would like thank you very much since because you are the one who inspired me on this journey to be a teacher. Thank you very much!! I just hope to meet you again and to say how much I adore you during my days, but there will be always be limitations. Eventhough there were so many teachers that i have met, you are the who leave the mark deep in my heart.

Haha...I think i was so serious while writing up up here!! Nothing much just a small appreciation to my beloved teacher of all time!! Yes she is the one who won my vote to be best teacher of mine~

To all the teachers who had taught me to read, write, calculate and what ever i am today, Thank tou very much. You will always be the great ones! And my special dedication to all the teacher from:
  • Convent Kindergarten, Segamat
  • SK Canossian Convent, Segamat
  • SMK Canossian Convent, Segamat
  • SMT Segamat
and to all the lecturers' Thank YOU!! You mould me up to what i am called a TEACHER today...

She is in Black!! And can you spot me over here in this picture??~

Till Then,

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Kick them off!!~

It's been a humilating 4-1 defeat to hand of Liverpool during the weekend match. It's been the football match that everyone is waiting for. At first, me myself predicted victory will be against Man Utd. Playing at the "Theatre of Dreams", both teams were at their very best level after both teams won their Champions League game on the weekdays.
After a mistake, by Vidic Liverpool open their scoring party with Torres bangging in their. Then the list goes on and on. I was hoping for a draw after we are 2-1 down, but nothing change and it became worst by Vidic was sent off.

So at the end, we are defeated Liverpool. But nothing much to worry since we are still gripping well at the top of the table with a game in hand...hahaha Eventhough, the title hopes is still alive don't be so proud babybeh of ur win!! since the journey is still a long away to go. :p

Although, it was a defeat, my policy still stays the same: I'D RATHER WALK

Now, u kiss the camera, we'll kiss the trophy at the end of the

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


This entry is SPECIALLY dedicated to both of them above!!! Let's boycott both of them!!!!~ :p
Just to let you people know that I had a lot of fun back in my hometown. I'm so happy baybeh!!! haha...Not like you people just spending your weekend here in ZOO NEGARA (by not going inside) and PUTRAJAYA (by standing on the bridge for hours) I'm not jealous at you people laa...
Now you see, what happens if you cari pasal with me...hahaha
The moral of the story is: DONT MESS WITH ME!!! Saya cikgu yang garang...haha
Till then,
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Interesting week!~

It's been quite a long time, i didnt blog. Nothing much happened around me here . I'm just too lazy to keep this blog updated...haha Anyhow, i just feel there's too much of things that i would like to share out here. So lets move on one by one.
Firstly, it was about the school that i'll be attending for my internship programme (2 months). So the most luckiest school to have me as a training teacher was: SK Taman It was me, nad, nad's bf, and nad's bf's friend (kinda long ya') who were into the same school. Nothing much to say here, just hope that i can teach what i know to my future students in that school. Wait ya' im coming!!!haha

Then, another happiest moment was Manchester United won the Carling Cup against Totenham Hotspurs. Being a loyal supporter of MU since the 90's just hope that they can keep on rocking the pitch. Adding another precious trophy into their trophy cabinet after the Club World Cup back in December. Its been always lucky for Manchester United when it comes to penalty kick off. Not Van de Sar, no problem. Foster was there to safe the post. So, now just hope for more trophies to enter the trophy cabinet at Old Trafford.

No heroes left unsung~

Finally, im just back from my hometown after a long gap and i'll be back again as my school holidays will start soon!! Another one week off before i head in for my practicum.

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thaipusam 09' - A day full of experience!~

It's been great to be at Batu Caves this year to celebrate Thaipusam this year as I managed to followed the silver chariot from Sri Maha Mariamman Temple which started its journey from Jalan Tun H.S Lee. The journey of me myself, my sis, Dash, and my roomate + her mother, as well as her cousin started around 1.00am heading towards our destination, Batu Caves. FYI, this is my very first year joining the crowd and I managed to walked for 14km. Can u beleive it??
Along, this wonderful journey I was looking a lot of people who are paying their vows. Some are doing it for a reason and some are just doing it for the matter of thankfulness to God. Eventhough, it's been a wonderful journey to me, bt i would also like to point out some dissapointment among some of the devotees who joined this crowd.
First of all, the mat rempit (or should I change it to Macha Rempit since they are Indians) on the day showing off their wonderful stunts and skills thruout the journey. I would tell u that I'm so proud to be an Indian. These people is enough to spoil the wonderful journey. I just cant sort out their reasons of being there.
Thank God that we managed to reach Batu Caves around 5.30am, climb up the stairs and did some prayers up there. That's between me and God. Lets keep some secrecy okk. So went back after that. On the day, i reached college and at nite we went back to Batu Caves. This time we have go by public transport since no one to fetch us up. So pity aite.
And here starts everything. It was ok until we reach the Sentul Komuter station, but the next train exchange to Batu Caves was the starting point where I was so dissapointed and frusrated. I have been waiting for almost an hour while waiting for the train to arrive. Here u can see different characters of people. I bet u. U missed the oppourtunity. At one point, I just feel that there are so many people who are just acting thruout their life especially girls. Why just cant be urself?? Do you know how many times i felt like to slept ur faces.
We reached Batu Caves and had a lot of fun...hahaa The main reason we are there to have our prayers but eventually we saw the fun fair at our first sight. It was just like bringing back all our childhood memories back in us. U should be there and u'll know the After i spent some time there, we managed to get back to college around 7.00am in the morning.
Actually, one of my reason to get to Batu Caves was to get 'Kondattam' Cd which is specially releasing for Thaipusam featuring Balan Kashmir of Klg Sqwad, Saran, Phillyroca, Kanna, Altimet, D'Navigator and many more, but not my luck on the day since I couldnt find their booth there...haiizzz
And one more thing, I got the oppurtunity to snap some photos with actor Haridass and Burn who were there to promote their cd's. Omfg!! Haridass is so handsome to meet in person and he is so friendly as well. He deserves great credits for his Uruvam movie.
This was the events that took place on Thaipusam. A great day that i had there and wonderful experience to be shared here in my blog. Till will catch u up soon. Peace!!
p/s: will upload some of the pics taken soon!! so dun forget to check it out again..
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